Digital Watches for a Summer of Sport

Summer 2018 is shaping up to be a great time if you’re a fan of sport. There’s the Commonwealth Games coming up in a few weeks, the Football World Cup starting in June, Wimbledon in July and let’s not forget the Tour De France in the same month. For those of you that not only like watching sport but also enjoy taking part it in, a digital sports watch is a no-brainer. We have put together a list of our favourite digital watches so that you can enjoy this year’s summer of sport in style.

1. Women’s pink strap digital watch 2422 £49.99

This casual and feminine women’s digital watch is the ideal sports timepiece to wear this summer. It features a pink plastic case with a patterned dial, calendar and date display. The watch is fastened with a matching pink plastic strap, making it comfortable on the wrist. Fitted with 1/100th chronograph timing, dual-time setting and water resistance to 50 metres, this watch is a highly functional sporting accessory. Also available in white.

2. Men’s black plastic strap digital watch 1229 £59.99

This distinctive men’s sports watch features a large black dial with gold coloured features enclosed by a robust black plastic case. The watch is fastened with a durable plastic strap and finished with 1/100th second chronograph timing, 5 alarms, dual-time setting and water resistance to 100 metres. A bold and functional digital watch perfect for any sporting event.

3. Men’s black and orange plastic strap digital watch 1527 £49.99

Model 1527 is a sporty and stylish digital watch that you easily can wear to take part in any sports this summer. This watch features a black plastic case with a pop of orange colour to give it a distinctive edge and is fastened with a matching black plastic strap. With functions including a 12 hr/24 hr display, backlight, alarm setting and water resistance to 50 metres, this watch has everything you will ever need! Also available with yellow and red features.

4. Men’s black and blue plastic strap watch 1520 £49.99

This distinguished men’s digital watch features a stylish black and blue plastic case fastened with a black plastic strap. Fitted with an alarm and date setting, 12 hr/24 hr display, backlight and water resistance to 50 metres, this highly functional watch is the perfect digital timepiece to own this summer. Also available with silver coloured features.

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