Excellent customer service and aftercare facilities are all part of the package when you own a Sekonda, Editions or Seksy watch. Whether your watch is a brand-new addition to your collection or a family heirloom, Sekonda endeavour to provide you with all the expert advice needed to ensure that your watch stands the test of time.
We advise that our customers deal direct with the Time Products UK Service Centre should they require any advice or assistance with the below:
-             Watch repairs and spare parts
-             Replacement straps and bracelets
-             Watch servicing
-             Battery replacements
-             Watch repairs and spare parts
-             Information regarding the model purchased

If you would like to see our guarantee and instruction manuals please click here.

If you require any of the above services, please contact our Customer Service team using the below details:

Queries and Returns
Time Products (UK) Limited
Alexander House
Chartwell Drive
United Kingdom
LE18 2EZ
(0116) 288 2500